X-Ray Digital Sensors

Planmeca ProSensor

Sensor the usability

The innovative Planmeca ProSensor® sets new standards for intraoral imaging in dental practice. Planmeca ProSensor is a unique combination of high-end patient-centred design, usability, and durability, ensuring smooth workflow and patient safety in all treatment situations.

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For more information on the ProSensor, visit the Planmeca website by clicking here 

Air Techniques ScanX Duo

ScanX Duo Digital Radiography System delivers chairside, crystal clear images in seconds.

This small and efficient two track system is capable of reading images simultaneously from 2 PSPs. ScanX Duo accepts intraoral PSP sizes 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 for patients of all ages and anatomies. With ScanX PSPs, you never miss important structures due to their larger, 100% active diagnostic area. This means increased diagnostic capabilities along with greater patient comfort thanks to these wireless, wafer-thin PSPs.


  • ScanX delivers crisp, sharp images in up to 20 lp/mm true resolution, meeting the needs of all diagnostic requirements.
  • Capture all areas of your patient’s anatomy thanks to ScanX PSPs that have a 100% active surface area. This means you capture up to nearly 40% more anatomy than with the comparable sized wired sensor.
  • Once a PSP has been inserted into ScanX, the sharp, crisp image appears on your screen in seconds.
  • Your digital images are ready to be reviewed, shared, archived or emailed.


  • ScanX is the most economical digital solution for any practice
  • Easily installed, it will work with your existing X-Ray system, AC or DC
  • Eliminate the hassle and maintenance cost of the film processor and all of its chemicals
  • The durable PSPs require no annual maintenance fees or costly insurance and can be reused hundreds of times

For more information on the ScanX Duo, visit the Air Techniques website by clicking here

Dürr Dental VistaScan Mini Plus

VistaScan Mini Plus – “red dot design award winner 2011“

Since the introduction of conventional X-ray film development in dentistry, Dürr Dental has been at the cutting edge of diagnostics in the surgery. 

Digital X-ray with Dürr Dental offers dentists images with high resolution to meet all diagnostic demands. 

More than 40 years' experience in the development of X-ray technology leads time and again to practice-oriented and innovative solutions.

The VistaScan Mini image plate scanner makes image plate diagnostics even faster for dentists. The compact device is particularly easy to use and requires a minimum of space – so that it can be installed in the treatment room.

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KaVo Scan eXam

KaVo Scan eXam

KaVo Scan eXam™

The fast, direct and ingeniously digital imaging plate system

The KaVo Scan eXam imaging plate system consistently provides images with high details and excellent contrast.

Highlights & Advantages

  • Internal UV disinfection system
  • Familiar, easy and hygienic handling
  • Easy integration into your workflow
  • Image read out time 5-8 seconds
  • Patented iDOT™ System

For more information on the Scan eXam, visit the KaVo website by clicking here

KaVo Scan eXam™ One

Fast and reliable digital intraoral imaging

The perfect One for all intraoral purposes to covers a wide range of your diagnostic needs.

Highlights & Advantages

  • Easy to operate
  • Superb results in an instant
  • Chairside or shared use
  • Attractive design with five colours

For more information on the Scan eXam, visit the KaVo website by clicking here

KaVo Scan Exam One

KaVo Scan eXam