Dürr Dental has combined the complex suction system comprising the suction and the separating machine in a single combination suction unit on one shaft. This is known as a VS unit where V stands for vacuum generator (suction machine) and S stands for separator. The amalgam separator can be integrated with a VSA unit or with an additional amalgam separator.

This advanced technology not only reduces installation costs but also the amount of equipment required. Maximum suction performance is combined with economy, robustness and long service life as well as a reduction in maintenance costs. The ecological benefits are reflected in the high degree of amalgam separation and the fact that rinsing out the suction system with costly drinking water is unnecessary.

Your decision to purchase a Dürr Dental suction system means that you can be sure of reliable performance. Dürr Dental VS suction systems offer an exceptionally wide range of Combination Suction Units and accessories to meet the individual needs of every practice.

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Dürr VS 600

For two operators and three treatment rooms. Operators= Number of treatment stations with simultaneous operation Rooms = Number of stations that can be connected with simultaneity factor 60%

For more information on VS 600, go to the Dürr website here

durr vs 600

Dürr Tyscor VS 2

Dürr Tyscor VS 2 radial suction unit

We invented aspiration. Again.

In 1964, Dürr Dental developed a new suction system that allowed patients to be treated in a supine position for the first time. Back then it was a sensation, now we take it for granted. But it’s far from the end of our quest to continue to be the 'Best in Class', or rather to be the 'Best in Class' again and again. Tyscor VS 2, the first wet aspiration system with centrifugal compressor in the field of dentistry, sets new standards for performance and efficiency. Naturally 100 % made in Germany (at Bietigheim-Bissingen) for 100 % reliability. More than 50 percent less weight and up to 50 percent saving of energy.* Radially brilliant! The intelligent control allows also operation with two Tyscor suction machines connected to only one suction line – for perfect operational reliability.


The "eco-friendly" centrifugal technology of the Tyscor VS 2 ensures exemplary values, especially in energy consumption.* Its load-dependent automatic adjustment provides constant suction at all times – and saves money in the process.

Compact and light

The compact, modular construction, weight of 11 kg and housing made of foamed, non-absorbent and antibacterial coated plastic ensure smooth start-up of the Tyscor VS 2. Network compatible

Network compatible

With network connection as standard, not only is the Tyscor VS 2 installed as Plug & Play, but is also just as easily integrated in the digital monitoring of the surgery supply systems through the Tyscor Pulse software.

*Measured by Fraunhofer Institute 07/2014

For more information on Tyscor VS 2, go to the Dürr website here

Cattani Micro Smart

The perfect single surgery team

Micro Smart is a semi-wet suction system with variable speed suction for one surgery. It is our most powerful suction system yet for a single surgery.

Micro Smart is a semi-wet suction system with variable speed suction for 1 to 2 surgeries. It is our most powerful suction system yet for a single surgery, and offers many advantages over anything previously available.

For more information on Micro Smart, go to the Cattani website here

Cattani Micro smart

Cattani Turbo Smart

Cattani Turbo Smart

Smarter than a fixed speed suction system

Turbo Smart constantly monitors how your suction is being used and adjusts its performance to suit, giving you powerful aspiration with minimal fluctuations, even when your colleagues in the other rooms start or stop using the suction. The Turbo Smart is also designed to grow as your clinic does.

The Turbo Smart A for two surgeries can be upgraded with a password to a Turbo Smart B, which can provide suction for up to four surgeries.

For more information on Turbo Smart, go to the Cattani website here