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Mocom Tethys H10

The Evolution of Disinfection The Hybrid Disinfection Device by Mocom.

  • Tethys H10 incorporates, in a single exclusive process, the force of water, the energy of heat and the power of ultrasound to ensure maximum safety, outstanding process speeds and ease of use
  • Simpler - User-friendliness, revolutionary results 
  • Faster - Everything you need, as fast as you need it More effective - Combined ultrasound-heat action

For more information on Tethys H10, visit the Mocom website by clicking here

Mocom Tethys H10

SciCan Hydrim M2


This powerful large-volume washer-disinfector is your first step to effective sterilisation.

  • Powerful circulation pump and wash arms remove 99.9% of protein.*
  • Large window in the door allows operator to observe the cycle
  • Touchscreen display
  • 10-cassette (8" x 11") capacity
  • Easily configured for loose instruments, various tray sizes and handpieces
  • Built in liquid chemical dispensing system
  • Meets requirements of ISO 15883
  •  *Results from independent third-party cleaning validation testing.

For more information on HYDRIM M2, visit the SciCan website by clicking here

SciCan HYDRIM C61w G4

  • Effective sterilisation begins with the HYDRIM C61wd G4 instrument washer-disinfector
  • The HYDRIM automatically washes rinses, disinfects and dries dental instruments, simply by pressing a button on the touchscreen
  • The HIP ULTRA cleaning solution is kinder to your instruments as the liquid detergent rapidly and fully disperses, unlike powder detergent, which can form clumps and compromise the efficiency of the washing process
  • The HYDRIM G4 is equipped with a web interface that enables online access and offers a platform with endless possibilities

For more information on HYDRIM C61w G4, visit the SciCan website by clicking here

Scican hydrim c61